You won’t encounter a fresher delivery of the Appalachian old-time stringband style than comes from this upbeat trio who first took Brooklyn by surprise and still have their base – and an impressive following – there. 

Named after the Columbus Washboard Company’s Dubl Handi musical washboard (pronounced double-handy), they’ve added a hugely-appealing rhythmic groove to traditional well-loved songs and tunes.  They’ve taken oldtime and bluegrass music and turned that into their own joyful music making!  Upbeat, and danceable. Drawing new audiences, and oldtime music lovers into well done and fantastic arrangments of traditional music.  Opening the doors to people of all ages, Dubl Handi’s perspective and arrangements have made traditional music even more accessible to all walks of life, and also to those who have never been exposed to folk or bluegrass or banjo played in a traditional way.

The band is comprised of Hilary Hawke, Brian Geltner, and is blessed to have so many great guitar players who join us on our travels. Dubl Handi has played with Jon LaDeau, Ernie Vega, and is embarking on their most recent tour with fantastic singing, guitar playing of Wyndham Baird. 

Hilary has conquered the keening vocal style that is the hallmark of so many of the great old field recordings,  rich in texture and deep character.  The 2013 album, Up Like The Clouds has won superb reviews(No Depression, Sing Out magazine) and much radio exposure.

Brian Geltner is known for his brilliant drumming and rhythmic virtuosity. Playing on a suitcase kick drum and snare, he’s able to add dynamics and subtleties to a driving drumming beat!

Photo by Jim Colvin